Thursday, November 20, 2008

People Who Know...

People who know I am gay:

Steven H. - Father
Sarah T. - Older Sister
Nathaniel K. - Friend of Sarah T.
Katie H. - Little Sister
David H. - Older Brother
Joyce H. - Grandmother on my mom's side
Joseph C. - Roommate/Friend
Joseph's Girlfriend
Daniel R. - Friend
Jonathan P. - Friend
Becka F. - Friend
Tanner M. - Friend
Tanner's Girlfriend
Danny Z. - Friend
Seth D. - Friend
Daniel S. - Seth's Roommate/Friend
Josh H. - Friend
Kevin M. - Friend
Kyle H. - Friend
Jake S. - Friend
Matt B. - Friend
Maxx H. - Friend
Grant M. - Friend
Jeremiah C. - Friend
Arthur N. - Husband of Jeremiah C.
Kim K. - Friend
Nick P. - Co-worker
Lee S. - Co-worker
Judd M. - Co-worker
Brent G. - Home teaching companion
Ron R. - Home teachee
Bryan L. - Elders Quorum President
Scott E. - Church Friend
Dan H. - Church Friend/Teacher
Missionary A
Missionary B
Bishop 1
Bishop 2
Bishop 3
Richard N. - Barber
Christina - Therapist
Eulis K. - Friend/Dated
Ian M. - 1 Date
Brandon B. - 1 Date
Haim A. - Dated
Matt M. - Dating... :) (12/23/08)
Random guy on I-15 near Yerbo, CA
And numerous Internet People in the Moho Blogosphere (I don't know all their names)
etc etc etc

Reading through this list, it's pretty amazing to me to see how in July this list was about 8-9 people.

(Updated last: 12/27/08)

You've come a long way, baby!

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