Friday, October 8, 2010

Seriously Blessed... Like Seriously.

Those of you who know me know that I am a very blessed guy.

I'm blessed with a supportive, loving family who keeps in regular contact with me.

I'm blessed with a boyfriend who stands by my side even at my darkest hours and lifts me up even though I'm petty and ungrateful at times.

I'm blessed with a job that pays my bills and leaves me with enough cash to do nice things for myself and my loved ones.

I'm blessed to live in a city and have a job where I can have my boyfriend and talk about him without fear of losing my job or public condemnation.

I'm blessed to live in a country where the rights of men are continually being fought for, even if sometimes there is collateral damage or retreat.

I'm blessed to have opened my mind to the possibilities of goodness in all things, and truth in all things instead of limiting my joy to the confines of an LDS chapel.

I'm blessed to have good health, and I pledge to work harder to take care of my splendid body.

I'm blessed with friends who love me and support me, who make my lives better with their warmth and compassion.

Sometimes, however, one needs to be reminded. And I'm a bit ashamed to say that I need reminding a lot of times. Last night I came home to a small package from my little sister, Katie. It was a birthday present which I'd all but forgotten about her telling me she was going to send. Obviously, it's very late, but it was well worth it. The package contained a small 'zine' called "2,500 miles of recycled air" which contains 4-5 pages of outlined drawings of things you'd see out a plane window. It's really awesome and I love it.

But that wasn't even the best part. Inside a small envelope was a CD with a song on it Katie had written just for me! It was awesome. Give it a listen for yourself if you want, but I can't guarantee that you'll understand all the inside jokes. But you'll walk away knowing what I do–My sister truly loves me.

Which was never in doubt, but all the same, it made the conversation I had with her last night all the more easy. My little sister is seriously considering a mission.

And she has been terrified and worried that I would be angry or resentful to her because of how the Church views me.

To cut a very long conversation short, the gist of it was this. I want her to go, and I hope she gets assigned state-side. Because if she really wants to find out answers re: homosexuality, representing the poster-child of anti-LGBT sentiment in America today will force her to discuss and pray about it constantly.

It may tear her to pieces... but maybe that's what she needs? It's what I needed.

I'm confident that she will grow and learn from this experience, and who am I to tell her what's best for her right now. God may end up showing her the same things he showed me... that everyone who loves is living in Christ.

Until next time, I love you all.