Friday, July 24, 2009


I was really depressed last night. I couldn't get a hold of anyone.

That's when I feel the worst. Totally alone.

At least I was blessed with a dream that I had someone cute and nice with which to share my bed.

That's all it'll ever be though. I'm too settled, self deprecating and conservative to earn the love of another.


  1. Oh man! Stop it! Delete the last sentence from your vocabulary Ezra. Of course you are good enough. Your worth isn't based on anyone else! (I do feel the same sometimes though) BUT it is my turn to be strong for you :)

  2. Amen and amen to the comments Bravone and Frank. You're a great guy Erza. That's the truth. Anything else is a distortion of reality.

    p.s. I highly recommend the works of Dr. David D. Burns like Feeling Good and Ten Days to Self-Esteem. These are by far and above the most helpful self-help books I have read in a lifetime of reading such books. They were a huge factor in saving my life a few years ago.

  3. nobody's better than ezra. hang in there. we'll talk soon.

  4. Hugs to you Ezra, you've shown through this blog what an amazing person you are in word and deed and have lots and lots of people who are here for you and admire/love you.

  5. Next time your feeling down bug me on ichat and we'll go to soup plantation (yay salad). Also, have you seen 500 Days of Summer? I think it really applies well to those of us who are dating.

  6. Not sure if you were looking for someone specific to talk to... but I routinely stay up until 4am... and I barely work these days - so, pretty much feel free to call me whenever if you need to talk to anyone. I enjoy listening.