Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Buddha Says...

This morning, my grandma (who is Buddhist) sent me this

It is true that in some sense Buddhism can be described as a do-it-yourself process.  The Buddha himself said, "Work out your own salvation with diligence."  So it seems clear that, to a certain extent, salvation is up to us and we cannot really get help from outside.  There is no magical gimmick that will solve our problems for us without pain.

How amazing is it that she would think to send that to me when I needed a little boost, when I'd been doubting my path?

I love my grandma


  1. You've got a cool and very diverse family for a Mormon dude.

  2. Hahaha, thanks. She's a lesbian, too. (Apparently she thought I'd known that because she'd told my parents... but I guess they didn't want to taint the children--I wish I'd known that when I was younger, I would have probably been so grateful to have someone to talk to.

  3. I love our grandma too... so amazing.