Friday, April 10, 2009

And I Am Afraid!

So I'm sure you're all well aware of the National Organization for Marriage's ridiculous video regarding their new "Rainbow Coalition" to prevent marriage equality.

It makes me sad to think that millions of dollars are being spent to keep gay families from forming--and yet, they form regardless.  Just as you can't stop a rainstorm, you can't stop marriage equality.  It's coming--and everyone will someday be sheltered by the same legal umbrella. (Okay, sorry for taking the analogy so far!)

Anyway, the style of this video reminded my of my friend Seth, the first gay christian I ever met.  He was the one who helped me realize that I didn't have to be a Godless heathen to embrace my whole self.  Back before any of this nonsense with Prop 8 was even a blip on the radar, Seth made the video below:

New Apologetics
It's an incredible work, and I find it funny that the style is very similar. Though, I have to say, it's sad to think that one college student with some friends can make a more professional looking spot than a 1.5 million dollar ad campaign.

BTW, Seth is the guy with the deep voice and long hair at the end, apologizing.


  1. This is a great video...and it expresses my frustration with religion. "A foot stool to look down on others from."

  2. Your buddy Seth will probably get paid off big to write war propaganda if he wants to sell out to the government. That was a very powerful film.

  3. I just barely saw that on another blog.

    I got married in 1995 in British Columbia. In 2005 the court decision brought marriage equality. I'm still married. It didn't harm our marriage. Nobody has brought "gay marriage" into our home or our lives. Society has yet to fall to pieces (Canadian society was in pieces a long time ago, but it's not any worse). Everyone here is just fine.

    If anything, I feel sorry for gays and lesbians in Vermont. The party's over. I'm sure they've old ladies badgering the Montpelier party animals to "quit shacking up and make an honest man of my son". O, and did I mention divorce? Yeah, gays get that "benefit" now too.

    Marriage equality is simply the next stage in humanity's historical development. Not just in North America, but in Saudi Arabia and China too. Not only is it not something to be frightened of, it's something we'll all eventually be glad to put behind us.

    I find it funny that the style is very similar...

    I just found the original funny. Period.

  4. Hey that's a great vid Ezra. Hope it gets a lot wider circulation!