Friday, April 10, 2009

The Airport Pickup

Seinfeld says that the airport pickup is the most important indicator of friendship.

That being said, if I booked a flight to Scott's moho party on May 30th, and arrived mid-day on May 30th, or late Friday the 29th, who would be able to grab me from the Salt Lake airport and bring me to the party?

And who would be willing to put up with me--er, I mean, put me up for the night?

Let me know! I'd really appreciate getting all this figured out before I book tickets, and the longer I wait, the higher the prices get!

Oh, and I still have some good lengthy updates coming, including a brief review of "In Quiet Desperation".  Stay tuned!


  1. I didn't mention that I mean't the SLC airport when I posted this... sorry!

  2. We can pick you up (we're only 20 minutes from the airport), and of course you're welcome to stay here.

  3. For the first time in two decades I actually wish I lived in Utah. You could kick it in the guest bedroom and we'd go to the party together, provided you didn't mind an straight, married, old, slow 39-year old (I've still got all my hair and teeth though). Best date ever, fershur!

  4. Looks like you already got a better offer from Scott, but I'll at least have to come to the party this time around to finally meet you (and everyone else).