Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In Just One Year...

From the latest Affirmation Newsletter:

Who would have thought a year ago, or even a few weeks ago for that matter, that by the time we got to Pride Month, 2009, that the following statements would be true?

Dick Cheney has come out as more publicly supportive of marriage equality than Barack Obama.1

Iowa is now more gay-affirming than California.2

More people in the United States are afraid or distrustful of Mormons than of gay people.3

1. Dick Cheney came out this month in favor of full marriage equality; Barack Obama has said that he is in favor of the legal benefits of marriage, but not of calling our relationships “marriage.”

2. Iowa is one of six states (with more coming) that now has full marriage equality. The California Supreme Court has now overturned that state’s marriage equality law, creating three legal classes of citizens in California: straight people, who can marry each other (one man and one woman at a time) at will, 18,000 same-gender couples married in 2008, who are married to their present spouse (but who are not permitted to remarry in the event of death or divorce), and the rest of California’s citizens who are not permitted to marry.

3. A Washington Post article on May 29, cites a poll showing that “more people in the United States harbor apprehensions about Mormons than about homosexuality.” The article goes on to state that 80% of Americans know or work with a gay person, 48% know or work with a Mormon.

4. This is what the post is about.


  1. While I am surprised at #2, #'s 1 and 3 really don't surprise me.

    Cheney had to eventually come around, that was only a matter of time. And I think the deal with Obama is just protecting his public image with all of the fringe voters that swapped sides to vote for him. He seems like the kind of person who privately supports gay marriage, is what I'm saying.

    And as for #3... well, I know like 50 gay people... and like 2 Mormans - and since people fear what they don't know... that makes sense.

  2. I disagree with Jonny on Obama - Obama privately oposses it, but he's saying what a president should say - it's a matter for the states to decide. His personal stance on what marriage is, is not what swayed fringe voters. It was totally time for a change, and people on the fence woke up and smelled the coffee. Marriage was on the back burner for most of America - but not in California of course - where fringe voters didn't matter.

    #2 doesn't surprise me. Iowa did it as a way to boost toursim, make headlines, and feel progressive in one of the most boring states in the country - feeding off what happened in CA. The court totally came out of left field with it - and the majority of people in Iowa are PISSED and feel like their Supreme Court took advatage of the system.

    I know nothing about Cheney's stances - so I won't comment.

    As far as the poll - I agree it totally makes sense - however it doesn't prove anything. Quite honestly people's apprehensions of Mormons have nothing to do with their loud stance on marriage protection - which is what gay marriage backers would LOVE to believe.

    Most people I've talked to don't even know it's a christian religion - they think of it as a polygamous cult. The general population is forsure "mormanphobic." - myself semi-included.

    I don't really know any real Mormons - as Ezra is in a religious questioning period. But most of the mormons I've seen at from Ezra's church at the local grocery store or the elders, do appear to be half crazy to me.

    I even have a theory that the practices of the Mormon church make people gay over time - especially the ones who open themselves to sin on the internet. AVN reports that Mormons are some of our biggest buyers of man on man action - in good ol Utah. What's that all about? LOL

    But anyway,
    Most people roll their eyes when they hear the word Mormon - myself included. I'd also like to add they are the worst church to be standing up for the meaning of marriage - when their church has perverted its definition in the past.

    I know 50 people who identify as gay - I truly know 0 Mormans - BUT THINK BIGGER -I know 0 people UNDER THE AGE OF 30 who go to ANY CHURCH on a Sunday. The "bigger" part speaks more to me. Still doesn't say enough though... I guess I can conclude with that LDS along with most of Christianity is dying and Gay is as cool as having an ipod. However, that doesn't have any depth or ability to answer the real questions dividing America from the front steps of St Patrick's Cathedral to the Gay Pride Parade down the street.

    This would speak more volumes:

    Better poll would be - What do you believe? A or B?


    The christians in your life that believe marriage is "btw a man and woman only" are full of shit because "traditional" relgion in itself is bullshit.



    The people who idenify as gay in your life are not born gay, but are complexly confused about their sexuality, and that everyone has the right to marry one human being of the opposite sex not directly related to you.

    This poll would be more meaningful - however it wouldn't benefit any side to publish. Because the results would be split down the middle.

    So the poll in The Post makes sense - it's just retarded.

  3. Inspector 34--

    I am a full fledged, card-carrying Mormon (that means I have a temple recommend, btw, and am "worthy" to enter Mormon temples.)

    And yet I don't think I am half crazy--it's actually probably more then half!

    But I have to admit that lately I have become afraid of some of my Mormon friends and neighbors. Just some. Most of them are great, wonderful, awesome, fairly normal people.

    Anyway, just my 2 cents. :)