Friday, June 26, 2009

A New Series

Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting a journal entry from the summer and fall of 2007 every day until July 5th.

I'm not really sure why I want to do this. It's old news, it's angst and pain and not particularly pleasant for present day me to read--maybe because I still feel like I gave up.

Tell me if you think this is a bad idea... I've posted old journal entries before, but I couldn't really tell what people thought about them.

To get you started, feel free to read this entry, from June 17th, 2007, which I posted back in December. It'll all move forward from there.


  1. This will be interesting.

    Going back to my old journals is always cringe worthy but I do it often so that I can see how far I've come. Although I can only go as far back as 2004 when I started making them password protected Word documents. Before that I was still using pen and paper and threw most of them away.

    I will probably never post any of them. They ramble a lot and are quite incoherent 90% of the time. LOL! I was a crazy nut back then.

  2. I hope you enjoy it, TGD. I have just started reading your blog and it's great. I felt compelled to post these as it's been two years, and there authenticity makes for a great read.

    Let me know what you think!