Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Traffic Spikes

I was going to have a post ready for today, since I've noticed that site visits almost double on Sundays.  Probably because being at church forces the subjects we blog about to the front of our collective minds.  I thought I could take advantage of that to get maximum exposure for a really great post.

But I didn't.


  1. How many hits does your little blog get anyway? What are you using to track it?

    - Jon

  2. I probably average about 30 unique hits a day. I use to get my tracking info. Look in my right side-bar, on the bottom. "Free Counter and Web Stats" you can see the stats for this site yourself by clicking the little icon.

  3. we'll be here when you decide to post something interesting.

    hope life in la-la land is going well for you...