Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Strange Coincidence...

Just a short note tonight.

Ty Mansfield was a Missionary in the Augusta, Maine Stake back in 1998ish, when I was living there with my mother and siblings.

We always loved Mansfield, and when we learned that he had sold Cutco Knives door-to-door to pay for his mission, we named his favorite Cutco knife, "The Spatula Spreader", the "Mansfield Knife" in his honor.

Through my mother, I reconnected with Ty on Facebook and discovered that we had many mutual moho friends... and I asked him that famous question "are you one, too?"

His response was simple--

I co-authored the following book, to answer your question:

I feel simultaneously foolish and privileged to have been served by Mansfield while he was a missionary. I guess now I have to read the book--which I bought a good year ago but never read.

Small world, huh?


  1. You should post a review of that book when you're done. If it's worth reading I'll buy a copy.

    I dislike the summary on Deseret Book. A bunch of words like "suffer", "challenge" and "problem" don't do justice to something like love; but that's an argument for another day. ;)

  2. Wow what an uncanny connection! And its funny too that you didn't know about Ty being an A-gay in the church. He is so famous its not even funny!! He co-authored the book with the Stuart Matis's parents. I am sure you know that Stuart killed himself on the steps of a California stake center in the middle of the last gay marriage battle that took place in 1999 I believe. So sad.

    I have to say, as nicely as I can, and with no disrespect to Ty, that I have big problems with this book. I did read it, and I just found it to be difficult to read. I don't like this idea that we have been born to fight our whole lives against our very nature. The title of the book- desperation! I thought it would be a book about overcoming that desperation, but it is almost an encouragement to continue in it and just keep trying the same things-- scriptures, prayer, and more faith as a remedy to the homosexual feelings that destroy our souls. You can escape the cancer of homosexuality if you try to!! Its a lot of that.

    The biggest issue I have with the book is in the heartwrenching part written by the Matis parents. While discussing their son's suicide, they say that though it was so horrible to lose their son, they take great comfort in knowing that he never acted on his SSA. That he fought bravely till the end. That really frustrated me. It almost seems to say that suicide is preferable to getting a boyfriend. YES. We're sad he chose to end it all, but were happy that his violent repression never broke his willpower to stay celibate. I mean, he killed himself, but at least he didn't kiss a guy or anything. Heaven Forbid. I think that ideology is VERY harmful. The idea that a violent suicide is preferable to gay sex appalls me.

    Gosh I am sorry. I hope that is not an annoying comment Ezra. If so just ignore me. I just want people to live their lives.. and primarily, STAY ALIVE as long as the good Lord lets them. You know??