Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Facts About Me

Someone tagged me in one of those things where you're supposed to post the same on your blog--except I like this one, because it's completely open-ended. It's just 25 random facts about you...

1.) I love my name and honestly can't imagine ever being called anything but Ezra Horne.

2.) I was a contestant on the Price is Right in 2008, and I won a week-long getaway to a lodge in Yosemite National Park.

3.) I've never been in a serious relationship.

4.) Whenever I'm stopped at a light, I often check out who's behind me in the review mirror and speculate about them.

5.) I've helped Jeff Probst (Survivor) and Gilles Marini (Sex and the City Movie) cheat at Scrabble against Seth Green (Robot Chicken) and Skeet Ulrich (Jericho) at a Charity Event.

6.) I didn't stop wetting the bed until I was 8 or 9.

7.) I've dressed in drag for at least two different plays.

8.) Though I love California and the good changes it's helped me to realize in my life, I miss New England a lot.

9.) When I walk by a homeless person on the street, I make sure I don't adjust my path--I want them to know that I don't fear them, and want them to think I'm not thinking less of them by acting as if they are infected. Though often I really am uncomfortable.

10.) I have an addictive personality.

11.) My mother doesn't like the Beatles, and I think that explains why I only really started to hear Beatles a lot when I got out of the house.

12.) I weighed 283 pounds at this time last year. I now am fluctuating around 263-266.

13.) My obesity causes me to feel undesirable, so much so that it overshadows my knowledge that I'm a really good guy with a lot to offer.

14.) I feel that In-N-Out Burger makes up for the fact that Pizza in Los Angeles is Sub-par.

15.) Secretly I want to be a stage actor again.

16.) In most situations when I'm bored, I will sing to myself, and I worry that it makes people afraid to approach me, and makes me seem crazy--but I hate holding the song inside.

17.) My office at work has a terrific view of the Hollywood Sign, but most of the time it's behind a blackout curtain. Whenever I look out at it though, I feel a little bit better about being where I am.

18.) When I was in Boy Scouts, I never advanced beyond the rank of Tenderfoot, though I was in the program for a good 3 years or more. Mostly because I didn't care about badges and rank--I just liked camping and hanging out with my friends.

19.) The prospect of going to a club is of zero interest for me, and mostly because I'm incredibly self conscious about my weight and lack of coordination.

20.) ...which is why I find sports and dancing to be incredibly scary. (Square dancing excepted.)

21.) I know how to square-dance.

22.) My siblings are the best I could ever ask for and I can't imagine life without them.

23.) I've owned 3 cars, and never paid more than 1,200 dollars for one of them.

24.) I scored a 1290 on my SATs, and part of me wanted to take it again because I knew I could break 1300, but I hated the test so much I said "it's good enough".

25.) I've lived in five different states: California, Massachusetts, Maine, Virginia and Utah. I consider Maine to be my "home state" and California will probably be the place I live the longest.

Hope you enjoyed that, it was rather difficult to come up with all those! Hope everyone is having a fantastic day.


  1. I enjoyed your random facts. :)

    So much so that I just posted 50 about myself. :)
    Have a good day. :)

  2. I really enjoyed it - but frankly... you didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. But, you're one of my bestest friends, so I suppose its good that I know that stuff!

    Except for the last one... I didn't realize you had just settled, haha. I had a 1230 myself.