Friday, January 9, 2009

May 21st, 2001

But I could only go two days.  It makes me cringe--I couldn't even write the words.

Dear Journal,

Today I had a major setback-recession if you will.  After a weekend of abstention, I did two P’s and 4 m’s—oh man, this is not cool at all.  I read an article in the newest issue of The New Era, and there was a short article on passing the sacrament by.  It made me feel funny because I have to do that.  Hopefully I’ll have the courage to talk to the Bishop about my other problem. [gay pornography/being gay] I love Jesus Christ and his plan of repentance.  It lets me make mistakes without condemning me forever.  Goodnight.  Ezra Horne.

No, but I condemned myself.

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  1. "I did two P’s and 4 m’s—oh man"

    Forgive me if I am dense (or that I feel the need to comment on everything I consume) - but what exactly is a P or an M?

    I know it has something to do with self-satisfaction... but 4 of them!? I am lost.