Saturday, January 10, 2009

May 22nd, 2001

Wow, I was a horny little kid.

Dear Journal,

Really bad low today.  5 m’s or more, not sure.  Anyway, Mr. M., my science teacher is in Boston for surgery so he won’t be back this year.  It’s too bad.  I’ve been listening to the tape of the 5/18/01 radio show.  I really like it.  Anyway, I did my homework and looked at my movie’s “What?!?!” script.  I realized that it’s really funny.  I am going to finish it before I leave.  BTW, Rosebud is Kane’s sled!  Ezra Horne.

Nice to see I had a sense of humor in spite of my crippling shame.


  1. Ezra, Thanks for sharing this stuff. I'm wondering what's sitting here on my shelf of journals where I've also used abbreviations from time to time.

    Maybe there's a symbolic reason most of us enjoy M and M's candy...

  2. ... I can't help wonder what Mr. M's last name was, and whether you had a teacher named Mr. P as well...

  3. LOL, Scott. It is scary how much you and I think alike. Actually, I guess that totally shouldn't surprise me after 17 years. Anyway, I found it amusing that the teacher's name started with M as well...

  4. Mr. M. was having surgery to remove a cancer in his jaw from chewing tobacco for many years. He died a year later.

    Don't chew tobacco, kids. He was a really sweet man.