Thursday, January 8, 2009

May 20th, 2001

The next day was successful and productive.

Dear Journal,

We went to church today and made the other batch of ice cream. I cleaned the spice cupboards, the cans area and the “snack rack”, as well as helped my brother make the gardens all afternoon. We lined the patches with bricks and/or the giant Lincoln logs and then put seeds in and mulched the area. We also fixed the steps that had gotten broken and planted a lilac bush. Anyway, I am confused about my math work, so I’m gonna try again tomorrow morning. Well, it’s 10:14, so I gotta go—it’s been 48 hours or more! Night! Ezra Horne.

“I will not drown in shallow waters”

I was so proud of myself.


  1. What is this "I went all day", and "its been 48 hours" stuff?

    Are you referring to taking a poop, jerking the junk, thinking homosexual thoughts? Enlighten me good sir.

  2. I'm guessing you don't read the post tags/labels...

    Yes, I'm talking about masturbation.

  3. No, I did not read the tags. I suppose they spoil the fun when you do though.

  4. Ha! I am not laughing at this post to make fun of you, but I too remember trying to go as long as I could without doing that when I was Mormon. And I could usually only make it a couple of weeks (At the longest) and then I'd be "weak". The second I finished I'd start crying and vow to not do it again. It is so nice to be free of that guilt crap now. It just seems so ridiculous in retrospect. Masturbation never hurts anyone. And guess what? IT IS NORMAL!!!!!!!

    Any person (especially male), I don't care what religion, who says they don't do it, or hasn't done it, is lying. Plain and simple.

    So go celebrate the fact that you are normal and have a healthy sex drive.